Drive through the country

Yesterday I decided to drive Hwy 14 from just north of Montgomery back home to Auburn, instead of I-85. It definitely took longer, but what I experienced was well-worth the extra time in the car. Driving through the country in the south with the radio up and the windows down is something everyone must do at some point in their life. Yes it’s hot, but when the breeze dries the sweat on your skin – something magical happens. I can’t quite explain it.

18477583626_9f371d27ae_o 17881325494_b289d7bcaa_o
Just look at those beautiful green fields and that gorgeous blue sky!

18316278920_88c81a3295_oAlong the west side of the river in Tallassee, Alabama, I came along a little winding road that ran beside the dam and found these abandoned mills. Look at all that lush greenery. You have to admit – even though kudzoo is invasive, it’s very beautiful!

18316226138_f6ac1b3451_o 18504038715_57f7959897_o
I even found a vineyard that just happened to be open yesterday afternoon. Free tastings? Why yes, I don’t mind if I do!


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