Weekend mash-up

Weekends are busy around here. For one reason or another, this weekend was even more crazy than usual!

Friday night we had a gorgeous pop-up thunderstorm, so Steve, M and I took advantage of our huge front porch and enjoyed the deluge. It was so hot on Friday, but the rainstorm really cooled it off.

Saturday morning was a donut-kind-of-Saturday, so M and I got up super early to go to D Square Donuts right down the street. SO GOOD! My favorites are the Maple Bacon and Lemon filled. Square donuts have 4 more bites!

Friday and Saturday we spent getting the house ready for our out-of-town guests. I sent Steve to SAM’s Saturday morning and I cut the grass while he was gone (sneaky sneaky… he didn’t want me to do it, but he wasn’t here to tell me, “NO!” ). Then we pressure-washed the patio and driveway (this eeked over into Sunday).
Look at our sweet helper!


Saturday morning I made some more bread from my favorite recipe.

Sunday morning my goal was to make some pancakes to freeze for the week. I’ve made this recipe several times (thank you, Pinterest) and it’s pretty-much fool-proof! I did 1/3 plain, 1/3 blueberry (my personal fave) and 1/3 chocolate chip. Mmmm….
18655027170_11705ce409_o  18655027810_6d87bbf6c2_o

While Steve was finishing up the driveway on Sunday,  I decided to make some scones, but the recipe made so many that we still have some left (2 days later). I made some plain, some ham/gruyere and some rosemary/parmesan. Mmm…. So yummie! Look how sweet our lunch was – scones with pickled okra and fresh tomatoes. Hello Alabama!

My best friend, Shannon, and her whole family (and the dog) came in from Indiana on Sunday (passing through dropping off a kid on their way to their home – which is a long story b/c they live in Columbus, GA and Indiana… don’t ask) so that her oldest could go to Zoo Camp in Montgomery this week with Miss. M. She’s spending the whole week with us and I’m super excited to have her! A is at 4H camp for the week, so we’ve only got the two littles. It’s fun hearing them giggling and singing and playing – M never has friends spend the night… much less the whole week!


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