A little bit of Elvis…

Last night when the girls got home from Zoo Camp, I had a picnic packed and ready to go. We loaded the car and went to Monkey Park in Opelika for an Elvis impersonator concert.
It was part of the Summer Swing Series (there’s a different concert every Tuesday night) and there were lots of people there.
Anyway, I unpacked our picnic basket and we ate and the girls played on the playground and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves! I made sandwiches with lunchmeat and homemade bread, but I also tried a new recipe for avocado egg salad that I found in Cooking Light magazine. OMG Yum! It only had 1 Tbsp mayo in it, but was still incredibly creamy and yummy (and a gorgeous color). Sorry I didn’t get any pics of the picnic spread – the family attacked it like ravenous coyotes and I didn’t get a chance.
This guy was really good. He looked a lot like Elvis (from up close – when he was working the crowd) and his hair was awesome and he was sweating profusely… but it was 97˚ and he was wearing polyester. I think we may need to watch Blue Hawaii at some point this week though. The girls couldn’t quite figure him out…


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