A little planning…

When I was working, the only thing that kept me on-task was an online calendar (an app on my iPhone). Now that I’m staying at home, I’m having trouble keeping up with stuff. You would think that I had plenty of time on my hands (and I do), but I’m forgetting some things that I shouldn’t.  Well, the other day I was at Hobby Lobby looking for popcicle sticks and ran across The Happy Planner by Create 365. OMG – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s inspirational… 

It has just enough room – without going overboard on info. 
 It’s a July 2015 – December 2016 calendar and since the pages are so easy to remove, I took out everything past May 2016 (I can put it back in later – when it’s relevant). I couldn’t wait to start playing in it and knowing how I obsess about things, I went ahead and created a few pages to get me through the month of June (until the calendar starts the week of July 1st). Just LOOK how cute it is!!! 



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