A new bread recipe…

I have been exclusively using the bread recipe by Scott Peacock and it’s pretty much fool-proof. Well, the other day I picked up this ADORABLE cookbook, by Cheryl Day, from the library and decided to try her bread recipe. It’s actually her husband’s recipe, but whatever. I must note that I used 2 cups whole wheat flour and 3-1/2 cups all purpose flour (instead of 5-1/2 cups all purpose). I usually mix my flours.

18911184109_de800ccdac_oAfter I formed them into loaves and put them to rest on the counter, I proceeded to forget about them and we went to run a few errands.

18474823014_b8b711ba5e_o  18909715218_befc52cf87_o
WHOA… that’s some HUGE, poofy bread! Just look how TALL it poofed up over the loaf pan!

18474831024_df828be100_o  19097370535_11b50ed19e_o
As usual, I couldn’t wait until it completely cooled before I had to sample some and Oh.My.Heavens… it is SO light and fluffy! I don’t know if it’s the recipe or the fact that it proofed for about 2 hours instead of 1. Whatever it is, I’m TOTALLY doing it EXACTLY this way from now on!

Now I’ve got to figure out what we’re having for dinner. MAYBE something with bread?


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