Mini-holiday weekend…

Steve had several meetings in south Alabama on Thursday and he had Friday off, so we decided to make a long-weekend of it. I rode down with him on Thursday morning and after his meetings were over, we headed to Fairhope for our mini-vacation. If you’ve never been to Fairhope, you really should go. It’s a quiet little town full of art galleries, antique shoppes and little boutiques right on the eastern shore of the Mobile Bay. They have a few nice beaches and it’s much less crowded than the hustle-and-bustle of the gulf beaches (Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, etc.).

The first night we went to a fabulous dinner on the water. Just LOOK at this incredible view!

Then we walked by the Fairhope Castle. The castles are just off the main road and really easy to find – they’re right behind the art museum (shocker).  If you’re not familiar with the castles, they were made by a local artist out of found objects (bottles, concrete, stones, etc.) and are absolutely gorgeous. They remind me of something out of Grimm’s Fairytales.

Fairhope is such an eclectic little town. I mean where else can you see a parking space concert right in the middle of downtown? These guys were AWESOME too!

On Saturday we decided we wanted to see a bit more of the bay area, so we rented a tandem kayak and took it out in the water that morning. WOW – ocean kayaking isn’t as easy as paddling around in the lake. Not to mention – at one point we flipped over about 200 yards from shore and had to swim it in (after we gathered up Steve’s hat, the paddles and our water bottles (which were floating away).

After kayaking we sat on the beach for most of the day – until we got rained out.
IMG_9584  IMG_9586
For most people, July 4th means hamburgers and hotdogs. It means bbq and corn on the cob. For most people. For us, this year, it meant eating pizza in the car on the roof of the parking garage watching fireworks…

… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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