The long way home

After leaving Fairhope on Sunday morning, we headed north (toward home) on backroads so that we could miss the crazy traffic on the interstate. The 4 hour trip tok us over 9 hours because we kept turning off the road to see little country towns and other things we had never seen before. From Fairhope, we drove over the bridge to Mobile, then headed north through Mt. Vernon, St. Stephens, Frankville, Bladon Springs, Coffeeville, Grove Hill, Orville, Selma, Prattville, then home to Auburn. Yeah – it was quite a drive!

This is a pic of Searcy hospital in Mt Vernon. It was a military base in the early 1800’s before the state bought it as a mental institution. It was operational until a few years ago and then was abandoned and fell into disrepair.
Mt. Vernon Depot

St Stephens Visitor Center

St. Stephens archaeological site. It was way too muddy for us to explore. Wish I had my rain boots….

Really cool church right past St. Stephens

We drove through Bladon Springs state park and it was really flooded or I would have gotten a cup of the water for us to taste

Folsom Bridge over the Tombigbee River.

Coffeeville Water Tower

Cool antique farm machine “museum” in Gastonburg, AL
IMG_9620  IMG_9625
Gastonburg, AL

Orville, AL… “Where the living is easy!”

IMG_9631The one business in Orville, AL that still appears to be open.

Orville, AL


Abandoned store in Orville, AL

Very unique tri-plex in Orville, AL. I sure hope the person behind the middle door has lots of windows along the back of the house…

Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, AL. This is how a cemetery is supposed to look. I LOVE all that Spanish moss…

IMG_9651Crypt of William Rufus King in Live Oak Cemetary in Selma, AL.

IMG_9657Really cool barn between Selma and Prattville, AL.

IMG_9659This sweet little “church” has been landscaped into a nice garden behind a building in the middle of Prattville, AL.

Gorgeous view of Daniel Pratt Mill in Pratville, AL.

Overall we had a wonderful day and got to see things we had never seen before. We both really enjoy long drives in the country… this drive was a bit longer than usual, but we still had a great time!


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