My week with “M”

“A” is really into acting (school plays, drama camp, thespian society, etc.) and is taking a 3 week drama camp at the Springer Opera House this summer from 9-4 every day. It’s about 45 minutes from the house, so instead of driving there-and-back in the morning and there-and-back in the afternoon, we decided to just stay in Columbus and see the town each day.

This past week we went to the park, the library and the museum.
19320133740_2a652a00fd_o  19320537568_bd0e459169_o

We went to the exercise park and the pottery painting place.
19667116381_308fd9a1fa_o  19655517322_d8ca5a1f11_o

We went to the pool.

We went to the river.
19474580168_d4145881fe_o 19474625380_8d3f9230fb_o

We had lots of fun snuggles (with Belle the dog) and went bowling.
19662613305_711fd28583_o  19474631850_ce39ecc837_o

It’s times like these that I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy if I were still working. The girls are at their dad’s house this week (and I’m in Houston visiting my sister-in-law), but Miss M and I get to spend next week together again… and I can’t wait!


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