Just call me “Willie Nelson”…

Last weekend I drove all the way from Auburn, AL to Houston, TX for a visit with my sister in law. I stayed several days, and we had a great time painting and watching tv and site seeing (I’ve never been to Houston), but the drive out there was almost as interesting as my time there!

I drove south on 65 until I got to I-10 and then took I-10 West all the way into Houston. My husband and I drive I-20 several times a year visiting his family in Shreveport and east Texas, but this is the first time I’ve been on I-10 for that long.

I think the thing that surprised me the most was the amount of bridges and water I drove over. There were lakes and bayous and waterways and rivers… It was fascinating!

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After I crossed into Texas, the bridges stopped for the most part. The land got flatter and the horizon got further away… and the temperature started to climb.

104˚ is the highest it got on my drive out there, but somehow it feels like a different kind of heat. It’s not the hair-frizzing, humid, oppressive heat we have in Alabama.

It’s just good, unadulterated HOT air.


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