A little culinary adventure

So, let’s talk about food. I LOVE food. I love hamburgers and French food and spaghetti and Thai food. I love popcorn and candy and scones and homemade pancakes. I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t TOO much that I won’t eat. My favorite food in the world is Mexican, and I must say that my trip to Houston DEFINITELY peaked my taste buds.

19040068204_a590da48ac_oMy first night there, we went to Good Dog (which actually originated as a food truck) and had hot dogs. Ok ok – so it’s not Mexican… but DANG those were some good hot dogs! I had the southern dog (being from Alabama) topped with chow chow, bacon and collard greens. What? Yep – collard greens!

The next day we went to Torchy’s Tacos in the Heights for brunch and I had a taco with egg and avocado, lime, cilantro and salsa, and another one with egg and smoked brisket. Come to Mama!!!

Well, I liked Torchy’s so much that I went back for lunch the next day when my sister-in-law went to work I had a baja shrimp taco and the Democrat (slow smoked brisket) and an ice cold glass of local beer. Holy cow – that’s taking “Tex Mex” to a whole new level! SO GOOD!

19148619184_4309219dd6_oYes, that’s a tortilla… a homemade tortilla from Lupé Tortilla that’s bigger than my head! If you’ve never had a handmade tortilla (I was a handmade tortilla virgin until this trip), you need to stop what you’re doing and try to find some. Oh my – they’re thin and soft and have such a good flavor. They’re nothing like the store-bought pre-packaged crap we have here in Alabama. Not to mention the FABULOUS fajitas that came with the tortillas. Mmmmm… the meat and cheese and beans and pico… SO GOOD!

19150316883_ee7da4a78c_oAnd no trip to a major city would be complete without a shopping spree at the Mecca of all grocery stores – Trader Joe’s! Oh how I love this place.  I can’t help but break out into a huge grin – just walking in the doors!


Want to know what this luscious plate of Mexican yumminess is? Well, that’s our leftovers, folks. Yep, that’s right – leftovers! We went by the Alamo Tamale place (OMG – the best tamales you’ve ever put in your mouth) in a sort-of shady part of town to get these beauties. We went at 2:30 and thank goodness they still had some. They’ve been known to sell out before noon! I bought 2 dozen to freeze and bring home and we got 6 to split for dinner. The ones on our plate (above) are chicken, but I brought home pork, bean and chicken/jalapeño. Mmmmm…

19150314133_ba238d99d5_oAhhh Houston… how I love your culinary treasures. Goodbye my friend – until we meet again.


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