Finally… an office

After I wrote this entry about my love for drawing, I’ve been really doing some thinking about how I could incorporate that into a part-time business (from home). I’ve been working on my drawings for the past few weeks and I now have 20-or-so of them stock-piled up.


I am THINKING about scanning them and opening an Etsy store! I have a few ideas for a name and am going to be working on a logo over the next few days. The shop could include things like digital downloads of my drawings (for coloring pages), custom painted items, and maybe a few other things as well. For now I would need to focus on things I can easily produce (on-demand) without having a huge stash of inventory though.

First thing’s first – I need an office/studio. Well, we have an office, but until yesterday it looked like a craft store threw up in there on top of all the office supplies and files and bills…

20160494271_46e131e55d_oYeah, it wasn’t pretty.

Anyway, I spent the day yesterday working in the office. I cleaned out the cabinets and the bins and drawers. I threw away old crafts, re-organized everything and now I’ve got a ton of space to work with! I have 2 different desk areas – one is a built-in desk and one is an antique hoosier cabinet I’ve had for many years. They’re at different heights, so I can choose which is more comfortable for which task. Honestly – being a tall girl with long legs – NEITHER is really the right height for me… but I’ll make it work.


Yes I have 2 laptops side-by-side… One is new and the other one is ancient, but it has all my design programs on it and I’m going to milk every last drop of life out of it!


Now I just need a rolling (height adjustable) office chair. This kitchen chair isn’t working for me…


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