Is it really August?

I think I blinked and the summer completely disappeared! I can’t believe that we’re talking about “back to school” and “Labor Day” already! It feels like I quit my job 3 weeks ago – not 2 whole months ago.

Steve and I were kid-free this weekend and decided to drive to the little town of Waverly, Alabama for their 8th annual Waverly Tomato Showdown on the grounds of Standard Deluxe. Admission was $15 and it included some awesome music and their world famous BLT bar with homemade bread. You know I was in hog-heaven!

20232648006_07c7ba39f3_o  20264751701_e45ae27dea_o

Of course it was BYOB…

We really had a great time – in spite of the fact that we sat in the sun most of the afternoon and were soaked by the time we left. But it’s summer… and sweating like that calls for a stop by Sno-Biz on the way home. Nothing cools you off faster than a huge bowl of shaved ice!

My favorite flavor? Black Cherry and Piña Colada. Mmmmm….


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