Sweet summertime – we miss you already…

I have to admit – I really love the smell of new pencils and erasers and pens and markers. I love stickers and notebooks and whiteout. I’m a school-nerd at heart and I get positively giddy just walking in the office stores this time of year. My palms get sweaty and my heart starts racing when the school year planners hit the shelves…

Mama Teasie’s Table has sort-of taken a backseat this weekend…  The past few days we have been focusing on BACK-to-SCHOOL!

From ironing uniforms to making menus and stocking the pantry…


To school supply shopping and filling backpacks…  19817442373_28ab858c05_o20251739519_ee5ec26f65_oToday, our last official day of summer, we celebrated with Micky Mouse pancakes and a trip to get a snow-cone. The girls are already counting down the days to next summer…

only 9 months to go…



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