The girls come to our house every other week. That’s our arrangement – week on / week off. Friday is the day we switch and I really like it that way… The first few days the girls are with us are weekend days – no work and no school. 

Now that school has started back up, I’m having to re-figure out my schedule. 

On the weeks we don’t have the girls, I stay around town and work (I do art at home and I also have a job in sales). Now that the girls are in school (we drive 45 minutes to-and-from our house), I have to re-think what I’m going to do.

Yesterday I went to the park and then to the library for a while before ending my day at Starbucks (free Wifi), but this morning I talked to my best friend and she had a new suggestion. She and her husband moved to Indiana for his job about 2 years ago, but they haven’t sold their house here in town (still holding out hope they will be back). They both have family near here and use the house at Christmas and in the summer. Anyway, she suggested I go out there and hang out during the day and use it as my art studio/office… And it’s only about 15 minutes from the girls’ schools. SCORE! 

So this was my office today. It’s a huge long folding table with a plastic tablecloth on it and random chairs (leftovers from when they moved) around it… But there was Wifi and AC and a fridge for my lunch!

And a great view of the weeds in the backyard. Heehee…    


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