Missing Person

Ok, I’d like to file a Missing Person Report… for ME! What the heck, people? How can I have completely neglected this blog for THAT LONG?! It’s been… ok, nevermind how long it’s been. The point is that I’m writing now, right?

Just keep telling yourself that, Laura…

How do I even begin to recap everything that’s happened in the almost 2 years (ok, it’s been a LONG TIME, people) since I’ve written? Well, here we go…

Steve and I have been married 3 years. YAY us!
We got a cat.
Steve is working hard on the Alabama Bicentennial and it launches in May!
Maggie is graduating 5th grade in a month-or-so. WHAT THE HECK??
Abby is finishing up her FRESHMAN year of high school. Really feeling old now.
Alex and his girlfriend are getting ready to move to KY… **sniff**
Did I mention that we got a cat?
I’m joining the DAR (ancestry ROCKS!!)
I grew a garden last summer. It died. I’m trying again this year.
I’m writing and illustrating a book (more on that later – it deserves its own post).
Steve recently (last fall) negotiated a HUGE donation for the Archives! Way to go, Babe!
I started a bookclub.

Ok, That’s our last year-and-a-half in a nutshell – but there’s so much more.