I want to move to Corfu

Have you seen this show? I was feeling sorry for myself today with Steve away in DC, so I ate some chocolate Easter eggs (4, actually) and turned on the tv to find this gem in my Amazon “things you may like” section. The Durrells in Corfu is the most magical show by PBS Masterpiece… and it’s apparently a true story!

It’s about a widow in England with 4 children who uproots them all to move to Corfu, an island off the coast of Greece.

Here are the real Durrells (minus Leslie): Gerald, Margot and Lawrence with their mother, Louisa.

Now I want to uproot my family and move to Corfu too! Holy COW look at how picturesque it is!

And after looking at Tripadvisor – I REALLY want to go there!


Just 200 of my closest friends…

Every spring, Steve and I go to the Alabama Historical Association’s annual meeting. It’s a Thursday-Saturday event and I look forward to going every year. The Alabama Historical Association is a group made up of academics, historians, archeologists and normal people like me who just love the history of our state. We have an annual spring meeting and also a smaller pilgrimage in the fall (usually right around my birthday). This year the spring meeting was in our hometown, Auburn, and I was on the local arrangements committee.

The local arrangements committee consists of making sure all the tours and sponsorships and meeting spaces are arranged, but it also includes arranging flowers, making appetizers and (for me) drawing a local landmark for some giveaway notecards.

This year was especially great, because LOOK what I got!
It’s official… I’m an author!! I may or may not have jumped, clapped and squealed when they handed it to me.  🙂

As much as I love the sessions and papers, I REALLY love the tours… and this year was no exception.

Look at the relaxing view from this front porch. I could’ve sat here all day!

I even saw an Ella Smith Indestructible Doll at one of the homes. This is something I didn’t think I’d ever see in person. Ella Smith was from Randolph County, Alabama and she won a blue ribbon for the doll’s design at the 1904 Worlds Fair!

One of the lovely homes we were fortunate to tour.

For a lucky few, Samford Hall/Tower was available for touring. Only 20 got the privilege (10 at a time). Can you see them up there peering out the clock face? That’s WAAAAY too far up there for my taste…

Look at this adorable barn!!! I would string some Edison lights in these trees and sit out here in an Adirondack chair sipping iced tea out of a mason jar and reading a good book!

All-in-all it was a great weekend. I got to see lots of old friends and make some new ones. I was able to buy some great new books to further my knowledge of our great state. Next spring, the annual meeting will be held in Birmingham. That one ought to be interesting…

Satellite office

When we have the girls, my work day is a bit different. I can’t just wake up, fix my coffee and go to work in my home office/studio. I have to get up SUPER EARLY, pack lunches, and drive 40 minutes to their schools. Those days, I work at Starbucks.


Days like this are usually really productive days. I don’t have any of the usual distractions (cat) at home (dog) in my office/studio (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.). Now that I’ve got a REAL office space at home, I’ll be able to go in there and shut the door (to block out “crazy cat”).


As you can see, I’m here quite a bit…


This Starbucks is seriously the best one in Columbus, GA.  And a BIG shout-out to Chris, the manager. He REALLY does a great job of making people feel welcome. He’s created this little community of patrons who come back day after day. I’ve even seen him sitting with customers sampling new drinks. Speaking of community, I feel like Cheers when I come in here – everybody knows my name!

I’m here enough… they SHOULD remember me.  🙂


“New” home office/studio

I say “new” because I got a wild hair and completely redid the whole space the other day. The before wasn’t working for me as a designer OR as an illustrator. I usually spread my stuff (computer, paper, planner, ipad, etc.) out on the sofa or the kitchen table, instead of my office space – which just wasn’t inspiring. I think my low-point was when I had to have a client meeting at my kitchen table. Yes, the KITCHEN! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my kitchen (I didn’t have any dirty dishes in the sink or anything), but I needed an office space… a place for Laura Murray Creative … a place to inspire me.

I bought this stainless steel kitchen prep table several months ago and it was just sitting in there holding junk. I’m tall (almost 6ft tall TALL) and I needed something higher than the usual desk. I LOVE my desk, but now I just need to find the perfect chair! See that little nook behind the desk? It used to be a built-in ironing board, but I built those little shelves so I can keep important (small) things right in front of me while I work. The door to the old cabinet is above the desk as a shelf! I love recycling old things instead of buying all new stuff!


Office/Studio, meet your new client chair! I’ve had this a while, but it’s kind-of floated around the house from room to room looking for the perfect place to be. I bought this chair for about $30 and re-padded/recovered it for MAYBE $10 of materials. Voila – new client chair! The quilt was one my great grandma made for me when I was born. I LOVE the funky 70’s polyester!


The built-in (WAY TOO LOW) desk across the room now has a cute skirt to hide some inventory storage. YAY for HIDDEN STORAGE! Belle likes it too!


Oh, and Miss Kitty is OBSESSED with the printer. She comes GALLOPING in the office as soon as she hears it turn on. This is her new favorite spot – she can keep her eye on it at all time.


Now everything has a place. I’m not saying it’s all going to stay in it’s place, but I’m trying!